Water Extraction

  • This vacuum line is for water extraction from soil and plant materials.
  • Sample size: 3-5cm length for wood/tree branch and 5-10ml soils (depending on the water content).
  • Vials containing samples have to fit in our extraction line (see photos). We use a 12 ml glass vials: 1.9 cm diameter, ~6.5 cm height (with threaded cap) (Cat# 14-955-310 from Fisher Sci.).
  • Each Sample MUST be kept in a well-sealed container (with parafilm) and frozen after the sampling time, in order to prevent evaporation and loss of water contained in your samples (see a photo below). It is difficult to separate evaporation that happens after collection from uptake of evaporatively enriched soil water. Keep the vials upside down to prevent evaporation.
  • Send the frozen samples (keeping them cold with dry ice) (preferably by overnight shipping) to Ayumi Hyodo, 474 Olsen Blvd. Rm 125 Kleberg Center,  2126 TAMU Department of Ecosystem Science & Management Texas A&M University College Station, TX 77843-2126.
  • We can do extractions of maximum 6 samples per a day.
  • We seal extracted waters in special vials, keep them in in the fridge, and analyze for the δD and δ18O in <1-2 weeks. However, our tests showed that water samples in the vials can be kept in the fridge longer (2-4 months after extraction).

Collected samples should be kept with caps and parafilm (upside down). Left: stem sample. Right: leaf sample. Required sample size depends on the water contents, but typically this size.

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