SIBS provides grinding service for almost any sample materials, using Retesch Oscillating Mixer Mill MM400 (for leaf, root, stem, , soil, fecal, blood, liver, and fish samples), Freezer Mill 6770 (for feather and hair), mortar and pestle (for salty soil), and scissors (for a small amount of samples such as insect and hair).

Homogeneity is very important for a better precision and accuracy of stable isotope analysis.

  • We need at least 3g of samples. If you have samples less than 1g, contact us.
  • Non-ground bulk samples can be sent in any containers. We provide glass vials.
  • Sample IDs must be clearly written on the containers.

See photos below for good and bad examples


BAD: Coarse leaf sample with some fiber


GOOD: homogeneous leaf sample (all particles are the same size. No fiber)


BAD: Coarse feather sample (see difference particle sizes of white and brown materials)


GOOD: The same feather sample with above, but ground much better (smaller particle for both white and brown materials)

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Dept. of Ecosystem Science and Management
Rm 215 Kleberg Center
2126 TAMU, Texas A&M University
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