H&O Solids

δ18O (δ2H) analysis of solid samples

  • A Thermo Scientific EA IsoLink coupled to a Conflo IV and a Thermo Scientific Delta V Advantage Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer is used for d2H and d18O analysis of solid samples.
  • Sample materials analyzed in SIBS lab are feather, hair (for H and O), and cellulose (for O).
  • Please contact us for guidance on sample sizes, typically on the order of 0.1-0.5 mg.
  • We analyze keratin samples for the δ2H and δ18O separately. For control for exchangeable H atoms, keratin standards EC1(KHS), EC2(CBS), USGS42, and USGS43 are used.

Sample Submission Procedures

  1. Fill out the “Sample submission form OH_Solid”, and send it to Dr. Ayumi Hyodo (ahyodo@tamu.edu).
  2. Make sure samples are dried and ground or cut (depending on sample material).
  3. If you are sending pre-weighed samples:
    • Ask us how much you need to weigh (generally Cellulose: 0.23mg, Keratin: 0.5mg).
    • Weigh your sample in 3.5x5 mm silver capsule (Part #041066) from Costech.
    • Pack the silver capsules – make it as small as possible and make sure samples are not spilling out from the silver. Put it in a seat (e.g., A1, A2…H12) of a sample plastic tray from Costech (Part #080016).
    • Record the seat position, the sample ID, and the weight in an Excel file.
    • Put a lid on the sample tray, and tape it well to avoid move or jump of samples.

    If you are sending samples without weighing:

    • Please make sure Sample IDs are clearly shown on labels and samples are ground well.
    • Samples should be kept in glass vials with screw caps. In this way, we can easily dry samples in an oven; please avoid plastic centerfuge tubes.

    Send the package to Ayumi Hyodo,Rm 125 Kleberg Center, Department of Ecosystem Science & Management 2126 TAMU, TX, 77843-2126.

Contact Us

Dept. of Ecosystem Science and Management
Rm 215 Kleberg Center
2126 TAMU, Texas A&M University
College Station TX 77843-2126

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