Woody plant encroachment into grasslands:  Impacts on landscape-scale 3-dimensional spatial patterns of soil C, N, and P storage and dynamics (details)

Yong Zhou |  Dr. Thomas Boutton

Deep rooting in seasonally dry ecosystems (CAVES) (details)

Rachel Adams  |  Dr. Jason West  

Savanna C cycle processes (SVNA) (details)

Ane Fortes   |   Nicole Havrilchak   |  Harrison Raub   |  Toby SantaMaria   |   Dr. Jason West 


Identifying sources of N2O production in agroecosystems:  A step towards more effective mitigation (details)

Dr. Jason West  | Dr. Thomas Boutton  |  Dr. Ayumi Hyodo | Dr. Frank Hons |  Dr. J. Sparks | Tokyo Institute of Technology

Evaluating the temperature sensitivity of n-alkane biomarkers in Sphagnum magellanicum (details)

Dr. Jason West  |  Dr. Julie Loisel  | Dr. Ayumi Hyodo  |  Julia Hillin  |  Dr. Brendan Roark  | Dale Kruse

Stable isotope partnership for ecology, environment, and energy research (details)

Dr. Ethan Grossman  |  Dr. Brendan Roark |  Dr. Thomas Boutton  |  Dr. Niall Slowey  |  Dr. Jason West  | Dr. Ayumi Hyodo

Quercus nigra tree-ring width chronologies and stable carbon isotopic composition reveal impacts of hydro-climate change on bottomland hardwood forests of South-Central Texas

Ajinkya Deshpande  |  Dr. Georgianne Moore  |  Dr. Thomas Boutton  |  Dr. Ayumi Hyodo 

Isotopic evapotranspiration partitioning in tallgrass prairie under woody plant encroachment

Xiangmin Sun  |  Dr. Brad Wilcox  | Dr. Jason West  | Dr. Ayumi Hyodo

Commercial forest species and climate change (details)

Dr. Jason West  |  Dr. Jason Vogel  |  Dr. Jean-Christophe Domec  |  Dr. Carol Loopstra  |  Dr. Claudio Casola  |  PINEMAP 

Hydrologic influences on soil organic carbon loss monitoring using stable isotopes (details)

Dr. IfteKhar Ahmed  |  Dr. Thomas Boutton  |  Dr. K.B. Strom

Evaluating eXtraction Techniques on Signatures Of Isotopically Labeled Soil water (EXT-SOILS)

Rachel AdamsDr. Ayumi Hyodo | Dr. Jason West | Dr. Thomas Boutton  |  Toby SantaMaria

Long-term Evaluation of Alkane Variation for Ecohydrological Signatures (LEAVES)

Dr. Ayumi Hyodo |  Dr. Jason West |  Rachel Adams




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